Record your funeral wishes

How would you like to say farewell to your loved ones? Request our funeral wishes form. Recording a number of funeral wishes in advance offers peace of mind.

Recording your funeral wishes in advance offers peace of mind. It helps the bereaved when your funeral wishes have been recorded. This provides a guideline for arranging the funeral. It does not have to be comprehensive, but the more you record, the better your future funeral can be arranged.

Form: digitally or on paper

You receive our digital interactive PDF directly in your mailbox. You can record your preferences directly in the PDF, draw inspiration from numerous options and have your wishes stored with PC Uitvaart with the click of a button. Your wishes are always available on request and can be changed. You can also easily and quickly share the PDF with your loved ones. Would you like to receive the wishes form by post? Then we will send it to you.

Record your funeral wishes

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