Repatriation to the country of origin

In the event of death, we can arrange for the deceased to be returned to their country of origin. We will take on this burden for you and will take care of every step.

Repatriation costs vary per country. We advise you to look into the costs for a funeral in the country of origin, so that you know what sum is needed to realise your final farewell how you want it.

Would you rather hold the funeral in the Netherlands? Our funeral conductors are always willing to organise a proper and fitting farewell, according to your cultural and religious rules, rituals and customs.

What to do in case of death abroad?

If you are confronted with death abroad, you can contact the alarm centre of your travel insurance. If the deceased did not take out travel insurance, you can contact the local police, the Dutch embassy or the consulate. They will help you take the next step.

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