Tailor-made funeral

Thinking about your funeral is not fun, but it is wise. There is more involved in a funeral than you might think. Many important decisions have to be made in a short period of time. That is why it is nice for your next of kin to know what your funeral wishes are, so that they can organize a suitable and beautiful funeral for you as you would have liked. That gives them peace of mind.

Would you like to know what a funeral actually costs, what is possible, or what you can arrange in advance? We will be happy to visit you to discuss your wishes. Whenever it suits you. The appointment is completely without obligation, and you are not committed to anything. If you wish, the conversation can also take place at one of the locations of PC Uitvaart. You will quickly have a good idea of the possibilities.

How much costs a funeral?

Every funeral is different. This also applies to the costs. PC Uitvaart arranges the funeral you want and is transparent in its costs. Do you want a rough idea of ​​what a funeral costs? Find out with our cost check.

Save up for your funeral

Would you like to arrange the costs of your funeral in advance? Then save up for your funeral with your own Prepaid Funeral Trust. With a Prepaid Funeral Trust you can save up for your future funeral.

Record your funeral wishes

Would you like to record your funeral wishes regarding your funeral in advance? Request our funeral wish form. Even if you have no idea yet, this can help you to start planning your funeral for when the time comes.

Record your funeral wishes

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