Frequently asked questions

PC Uitvaart is keeping a close eye on the developments surrounding the Corona virus and following the instructions and measures of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). We have therefore taken measures to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible during these difficult times. The health and safety of the bereaved, friends and family and staff are paramount.

We will of course do everything we can to arrange a good funeral within the current possibilities. Below you will find more information and the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

0. Everything about the Coronavirus

Can your funeral director still come to my house to discuss the funeral?
Do I have to show a Coronavirus entry pass when I attend a funeral?
How many people may attend the funeral?
I have a cough or am sneezing. May I attend a funeral?
Repatriation and Coronavirus - how does this work?
The deceased is (presumably) infected with the coronavirus. What should I do?
What measures does PC Uitvaart take in the funeral homes?

1. Funeral guidance

Do you have possibilities to record my choices for my future funeral?
How do I report a death?
I do not want my ceremony to take place in a funeral home, but in a theatre or beach pavilion. Is that possible?
I want a specific funeral director, is that possible?
What kind of refreshments do you offer during a funeral?
Where will my funeral take place?

2. Prepaid Funeral Trust

Can I withdraw the amount in my Prepaid Funeral Trust before I die?
Do I have to make additional deposits?
From what amount can I open a Prepaid Funeral Trust?
How do I open a Prepaid Funeral Trust?
How do I save in my Prepaid Funeral Trust?
What happens to the remainder in my Prepaid Funeral Trust after the funeral?
What is meant by an and/or account?
What is meant by automatically better conditions?

3. Around the funeral

Can I be cremated without a coffin?
Can I receive a digital invoice or a copy?
Do you cut the clothes to dress the deceased?
Do you have possibilities to record my choices for my future funeral?
How can I select music?
How long after passing away will the funeral take place?
My mother lives in a nursing home. Do you visit us at the nursing home?
What is an A+B declaration, and what is it for?
When will I receive the funeral statement?

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