Prepaid Funeral Trust

With a Prepaid Funeral Trust, it is possible to financially arrange your funeral in advance. This ensures that your loved ones will not be faced with surprises later on. You save at your own pace for the costs of your funeral with an attractive guaranteed interest rate.

Choose your Prepaid Funeral Trust

You can open a trust anytime, at any age. We do not ask health questions. Choose the trust that suits you. All trusts offer complete freedom of choice in the customization of your funeral. There are three options:

  • Prepaid Funeral Trust BASIC = start with a small amount
  • Prepaid Funeral Trust GOAL = easy & targeted
  • Prepaid Funeral Trust HIGH = optimal savings

The more you save, the higher the interest rate.

You always automatically get better conditions. For example, have you saved € 2,500 with Prepaid Funeral Trust BASIC? Then you automatically move to Prepaid Funeral Trust GOAL, which increases your interest rate to 1.5%.

Questions? See the frequently asked questions or contact us.

For the conditions, the investment policy and information about management & supervision, click this link.
* The interest rates are set annually. The interest rates are on an annual basis and valid from January 1, 2022.
** The 5% Bonus payment does not apply to UitvaartCompact Packages.

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