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All your personal funeral information safely and clearly stored on MyPortal

It gives peace of mind to arrange important matters concerning the funeral now. What gives even more peace of mind is the knowledge that all that data is safely stored in one place. Your own digital safe where, when the moment is right, relatives can find everything. This place is now here: MyPortal.

Arranging your farewell is something you have to think about once and then everything is okay, right? Not quite: it is wise to check the information from time to time. For example, is the amount insured or saved still sufficient if your farewell wishes change? Do others know what those wishes are at all? And what is the current balance of your Prepaid Funeral Trust? MyPortal answers – now and in the future. Of course you have unlimited access to the account, just like one authorized person, whom you appoint yourself.

The 7 major advantages of MyPortal

  1. In your account you can digitally record everything about your funeral (think of: farewell wishes, guest list, music, practical matters, financial overview, authorized representative).
  2. The authorized representative, who you designate yourself, will have access to the account and can view everything. As a result, the authorized representative knows what needs to be arranged. He / she cannot make any changes, so you don’t have to worry about that. If desired, someone else can be appointed to ultimately arrange the funeral.
  3. Have you had a conversation with one of our Afscheidsadviseurs? You can always find the reports in your account.
  4. MyPortal is very well secured. And because it is completely digital, the latest data is immediately available. This way, the next of kin do not have to search through all the papers and wonder whether everything is still up-to-date.
  5. In addition to the Prepaid Funeral Trust of PC Uitvaart, it is also possible to enter the details of your own funeral insurance yourself. Do you have endowment insurance? Then you can enter the amount and on the basis of the cost check or budget of our advisers see immediately whether the insurance covers the desired funeral.
  6. All contact details and matters concerning the funeral are always available everywhere.
  7. Using a MyPortal account is free, wherever and however you are insured.

Would you also like to record all your matters concerning your farewell digitally, securely and clearly?