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PC Uitvaart and the Islamic Burial Society (IBS) are working to establish eternal rest for deceased in Amsterdam

In collaboration with the Islamic Burial Society, PC Uitvaart is on its way to become the first funeral organisation in Amsterdam to enable eternal rest for Muslims. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, all air traffic was discontinued early last year. This prevented deceased Muslims from being buried in their country of origin. To fulfil its social role, PC Uitvaart gladly rises to the needs of Muslims for an eternal grave in Amsterdam. We wish to facilitate this at Herdenkingspark Westgaarde.

Social role

Eveline de Koning, manager Marketing & Sales of PC Uitvaart: ‘PC Uitvaart was founded in 1931, on the social concept of enabling an affordable and proper funeral for all the people of Amsterdam. Ninety years later, our motto has become ‘Everything for a good farewell’. PC Uitvaart wants to offer a proper and dignified farewell to all the people of Amsterdam, regardless of background, culture or religion. That includes the new generation of Muslims who wish to be interred in Amsterdam. The coronavirus has greatly accelerated the wish of Muslims to be buried here. As a company, we gladly respond to the need of this specific group of citizens.’

Eternal rest for Amsterdam Muslims

Elsa van de Loo, spokesperson for IBS: ‘The Islamic Burial Society was founded to realise the wish of many Amsterdam Muslims who wish to be buried according to Islamic standards. The Muslim community has been committed to this project for years, but the coronavirus spurred the sense of urgency. Although Amsterdam has multiple Islamic cemeteries, none of these cemeteries offer the option for eternal rest. It is remarkable that a metropolis such as Amsterdam should not provide this option yet.’

‘We approached PC Uitvaart because it has land available that is designated as a burial site, at Herdenkingspark Westgaarde. In addition, the company has years of experience in Islamic burials. IBS saw a professional partner in PC Uitvaart to help enable eternal rest,’ Van de Loo continues.

Request submitted on 2 October

In the Spring of 2020, political parties D66, Denk, Groen Links and PvdA submitted questions about Islamic burials with eternal rest in Amsterdam to the city council. On 2 October 2020, IBS submitted the request to enable eternal rest at Herdenkingspark Westgaarde to the city council.