What is possible when arranging a funeral?

When a loved one dies, a lot has to be arranged in a short time. To help you with this, we have listed a number of important points so that you can always find this information. In addition, your funeral director will support you during this difficult period.

Before the funeral

Planning in advance and recording your wishes regarding the funeral gives peace of mind. Not only for you, but also for your loved ones. PC Uitvaart has a number of options for this. You can fill in the funeral wishes form or make an appointment with one of our funeral advisers. They work with you on your funeral wishes and record and store them.

Funerals for every religion, background and culture

PC Uitvaart was originally an Amsterdam organization, and as the city has changed since 1931, so have funerals. PC Uitvaart is a specialist in providing funerals for every background, religion and culture.


'"From pastries, chocolates and sandwiches to snacks, cheese plates or even a complete dinner!"' Catering

For catering for a funeral, people usually think of coffee and cake. This is of course a possibility, but much more is also possible. From pastries, chocolates and sandwiches to snacks, cheese plates or even a complete dinner! This allows you to organize the ceremony entirely according to your personal taste, wishes and budget. We are happy to give you some inspiration with a selection from our range. Tip: In addition to this impression, much more is possible, please contact PC Uitvaart.

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'"With a coffin you can make the funeral even more personal."' Coffins

The developments around coffins have not stopped. Will you opt for a budget-friendly coffin with oak veneer or an ecological coffin made of FSC wood? Or do you want a painted coffin, perhaps a reed coffin or a shroud? With a coffin you can make the funeral even more personal. The top 6 most-chosen coffins can be found above, let yourself be inspired by the examples. There are many possibilities to finish a coffin according to your personal preference. Please contact your PC Uitvaart for this. Based on your wishes, we will look for the coffin that best suits your needs.

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Funeral cards

'"A funeral card is so much more than a formal announcement of death"' Funeral

A funeral card is so much more than a formal announcement of death. How do you make a funeral card that fits a unique life? The card plays a special role, and the design is also becoming increasingly important and personal. Many immediate family members, friends and acquaintances leave the card in sight for some time. We are happy to inspire you with a selection from our range. This is by no means complete, as you can also opt for metallic paper and multiple sizes. Please contact PC Uitvaart for a personal card. We are happy to work with you on a fitting and personal design.

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Funeral flowers

Funeral flowers, funeral bouquets and wreaths set the atmosphere at a funeral. These can be custom made as desired, to suit the deceased. After the ceremony, the next of kin can take the flowers home as a reminder of the day, or they can be placed near the ashes field. Looking for the meaning of a specific funeral flower? Above you will find a number of examples of funeral bouquets. Your funeral director has access to a flower book with beautiful examples. Please contact us for more information about funeral flowers.

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Funeral transportation

Funeral transportation of the deceased is traditionally done with a hearse. But did you know that you can also design that last stage differently? For a traditional funeral, PC Uitvaart uses silver-grey Mercedes hearses. The next of kin can use procession vehicles. Hearses are also available in other colours. With a colourfully painted hearse or an old-timer, you can give a personal touch to the transportation of the deceased. Do you think a hearse is a bit too traditional? There are many more possibilities to make the funeral even more personal.

With the funeral bus, you can travel with a larger group of people to the funeral location together with the deceased. Also unique is the funeral lorrie. Many lorry drivers or people working in transport and logistics choose this unique funeral transportation. Fanatic biker? Then take a look at the Mourning Harley. The funeral carriage is particularly stylish. The deceased is transported in a white or black carriage with white and/or black horses.

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'"For a funeral, you are free to choose a funeral location."' Locations

For a funeral, you are free to choose a funeral location. You can of course use one of the PC Uitvaart locations, where you have the choice, for example, between an assembly hall for large groups or an intimate family room for a smaller group. The time, length and design of the service is all entirely up to you.

For many people, religion plays an important role in their lives. PC Uitvaart also has a great deal of experience with religious funerals. The service can take place in a house of worship, after which the burial or cremation takes place at one of the PC Uitvaart locations. Afterwards, there is time for condolences in the funeral home.

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Around the funeral

Every person is unique, which makes every funeral a unique ceremony. Moreover, a great deal has to be arranged around a funeral. We have listed the most important things for you, such as possibilities and collections in terms of location, coffin, catering, funeral cards, hearse and funeral flowers.

After the funeral

According to Dutch law, the ashes may be released 30 days after the cremation. You can then collect the ashes at the location where the cremation took place. In addition to scattering, it is possible to store the ashes in a decorative urn, or to place them in, for example, an urn niche. It is also possible to process the ashes into ash jewellery. Please contact PC Uitvaart for information about this. We can send you a brochure with urns and ash jewellery. For a burial, there is a choice of all kinds of grave monuments, from stone to glass. You can also contact us about this.

Record your funeral wishes

Get inspired by all possibilities