About us

Every day, our staff assist with providing a good funeral, each in their own way from their own position. The interests of our guests and clients are paramount in all our thoughts and actions. Organizing a good funeral is, after all, only possible with good collaboration.

Our funeral directors stand ready day and night to assist you.

Our mission

We believe that a beautiful, personal funeral helps the bereaved to find comfort after the passing of a loved one. The mission of PC Uitvaart is to provide a stylish funeral, with respect for the deceased, and good memories for the bereaved.

Our motto

‘Everything for a good funeral’, that is the motto of PC Uitvaart. Arranging a funeral is not one-size-fits-all work, and it can never be. Each person deserves a carefully organized funeral that is just as unique as he or she is. A funeral that honours the deceased. And a funeral that gives comfort to the bereaved in a sad time. Customized work, with a highly personal touch.


PC Uitvaart was established in 1931 as an association with the purpose of providing a proper, affordable funeral for its members. In that period, funerals in Amsterdam were major events – complete with carriages, plenty of staff and mourners – while the family members often could not afford this. A group of employees of the Zuidergasfabriek wanted to change that, and they established the ‘Cooperative Association UA for Care of the Dead’. Soon, the association had thousands of members. After relocating to P.C. Hooftstraat, the association was increasingly referred to as the ‘PC Cooperative’, later ‘PC Hooft’ and finally ‘PC Uitvaart’ with the motto: Everything for a good funeral. You can also turn to us for funeral insurance and funeral funds. PC Uitvaart also became known outside the city and opened various funeral locations in the regions of Zaanstad, Purmerend, Hoorn, Alphen aan den Rijn, Haarlemmermeer and Almere.

Our organization

PC Uitvaart has a Board of Directors consisting of two directors. The Supervisory Board oversees the policy pursued by PC Uitvaart and monitors the general state of affairs. They also focus on ensuring the continued existence of PC Uitvaart and on balancing the interests of all stakeholders. In addition, the Supervisory Board supports the Board of Directors and functions as a sounding board.

The Supervisory Board monitors what the Stichting PC Uitvaart Deposito does and what is promised to clients.

Stichting PC Hooft has a Board of Directors that consists of several directors.

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