Inspiration: locations

For a funeral, you are free to choose a funeral location. You can of course use one of the PC Uitvaart locations, where you have the choice, for example, between an assembly hall for large groups or an intimate family room for a smaller group. The time, length and design of the service is all entirely up to you.

For many people, religion plays an important role in their lives. PC Uitvaart also has a great deal of experience with religious funerals. The service can take place in a house of worship, after which the burial or cremation takes place at one of the PC Uitvaart locations. Afterwards, there is time for condolences in the funeral home.

Herdenkingspark Westgaarde has a large washing room and various Islamic burial fields. There are also Islamic burial places in Almere and Zaanstad. You can also hold the funeral (partially) in the woods, on the beach or in your corner pub. This lets you give the funeral a personal touch. We are happy to help you find a suitable location for the funeral. Feel free to contact us.

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